Xtreme Plays of the Week$ Plus an extra play!


Hi, please keep your eye out for our Stocking Stufer offers and the January Effect offer if you haven’t received it yet!

This years January Effect should be a MONSTER the way the market is setting up! Be sure to sign up – its fully guaranteed to be a winner!

Still love the BAC trade, stick with it…

Market should continue higher, though it could pause as the Fed prepares to raise rates. ANY dip off that is a SCREAMING BUY into year end. I think its possible the DOW hits 20,000 by year end. Longshot? Yes, its 900+ points, but I think its possible post FOMC! We’ll see shortly!

In that spirit, let’s buy some CALLS on the SPY for the Option Play of the Week, and let’s buy some UPRO again LONG here with a $3.50 stop in case we do get roiled.

Last trade on UPRO was a BEAST, let’s see if we can catch it again!